Face Masks for Wedding

May the 4th Wedding

Nothing says May the 4th like a Star Wars / Harry Potter wedding! I had the honor of marrying these two. Aren’t they adorable? The wedding was a combo of Star Wars ✨ and Harry Potter. ⚡ I made sure to wear my Darth Vader cape and matching pants and shoes. And the ceremony reflected their fandom with quotes and references.

There were supposed to have their big wedding on May the 4th (see, Star Wars fans) but thanks to the coronavirus, they had to postpone the big sha-bang. However! They wanted May the 4th on their marriage certificate, so we held a small, outdoor ceremony where we could respect social distancing. And they got the date they wanted!

It was so lovely and so dear. I’ve done several outdoor ceremonies with social distancing since the quarantine began. It’s exciting! It’s like eloping! Love to all my couples. ❤❤❤❤❤

Thanks for the face masks, Tomboy Togs! They were a hit!

May the 4th Wedding
Wedding with Face Masks
Harry Potter Vans for Wedding

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