Wedding Couple in Flowers

Because I am an interfaith — or all-faith — minister, I frequently use nonreligious readings or nontraditional readings in weddings. There are several that I return to again and again because they’re so meaningful.

I love any kind of poetry that is mean for children, like something from Winnie the Pooh or something from Peter Pan. Those kinds of nonreligious readings are especially cute when the couple are teachers.

I also like some readings from classic literature, like the Brontë Sisters. Their books have several nice readings, very popular.

There’s an excerpt from Union, by Robert Fulghum, that ends with, “This is my husband; this is my wife.” That’s also very popular.

Really, you can use any kind of poetry that’s not too long for nonreligious readings. And by poetry, I don’t mean rhyming poetry (unless you’re using poetry for children, that could be okay).

Use anything that speaks to you and isn’t too long.

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