Wedding Couple in Flowers

Out-of-state couples usually ask me whether they need a Pennsylvania marriage license or one from their home state.

If you’re getting married in Pennsylvania, you have to have a Pennsylvania marriage license. It can be from any county. For example, if you’re getting married in Philadelphia, it doesn’t have to be from Philadelphia County. If you’re getting married in Lancaster, you can use a Philadelphia marriage license.

If you’re coming from another state, you will have to have a Pennsylvania marriage license. You can’t bring it from over the state line.

A lot of people come from New York to Pennsylvania to get married. They want a rustic or barn wedding. Don’t go crazy and get your marriage license in New York and bring it with you because it’s not useful. You have to come to Pennsylvania to get your marriage license.

There’s also a three-day hold. Don’t plan on getting your PA marriage license the day before your wedding. You have to get it at least three days before your wedding, but not longer than 60 days before your wedding.

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