Put A Ring On It

Put A Ring On It.

Traditional but Modern Rose Gold Wedding Bands

In many countries wedding rings are considered sacred symbols of love and endless devotion. There are many customs that concern wedding rings across the world, all meaning more or less the same, each one offering a heart warming symbolism that celebrates love.

In most countries, the wedding rings are made of a type of metal, though the traditional and most popular choice is gold, in the form of a flat band.

These rings normally have no design, stone or embellishment on it. These wedding rings are shaped in this way for a reason – the flat band that looks like a continuous circle symbolizes the eternal love the couple vows to give one another.
Some couples choose to have the name of the spouse engraved on the inside of the ring with a tiny inscription. This is symbolic of the fact that the name of the spouse is forever inscribed in one another’s heart.


In the U.S. Wedding Bands are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand – this is because it WAS believed that there is a vein that connects it directly to the heart and hence when the ring is worn here it stays closest to the heart. They called that vein the “vena amoris” or vein of love. This has been scientifically proven inaccurate but never-the-less it sounds sweet. In other countries it is worn on the right hand symbolizing its importance – from the custom that had the most important guest to be seated on the right side of the host. (Remind you of something? “Right hand of the Father?” Now you know where that came from.)

A belief in some European countries is the wedding rings once made can never be individually modified as this would mean that the couple would separate. In case any change is required, both the rings would be melted and remade. It is also considered extreme bad luck to lose your wedding ring under any circumstance. In case one of the spouses does lose their wedding ring, two more need to be made at the earliest and worn in unison. The odd one in the pair (the ring that was not lost) should never be worn again. NEVER! Lol

*Fun fact: My husband lost 2 wedding rings in one winter. I had him get a wedding ring tattooed onto his finger. He found both rings when the snow melted in the Spring, but he is marked forever! (enter maniacal laugh here)

No Ring?

Finally, let’s talk about wearing the rings in the first place. This is yet another situation in which it’s completely up to the personal preferences of you and your spouse. Rings are a nice way to symbolize your union, and they’ve got those “endless” and “no beginning and no end” circle metaphors making a solid case for them. But you’ve got options! You might want an engagement ring and not a wedding band. Perhaps you’d rather use another piece of jewelry, like necklaces or bracelets, as ornaments for your union. Or if you’re seriously committed to an expression of permanence and self-sacrifice, some couples may make like some celebs and get a tattoo to signify your marriage. (SEE? I’m like the celebs!) But know that in this instance, you’d better be confident in your designation of the vein/finger/hand that will bear your display of commitment when it’s no longer a simple slip-on, slip-off kinda thing.

Wedding Tattoos

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