Wedding Couple in Flowers

I’ve been the officiant at many themed wedding ceremonies in Lancaster. Here’s what I have to say about wedding themes.

If you ask different ministers if they’ll be part of a themed wedding ceremony, I’m assuming you’ll get a different answer than mine because some people don’t like to do themes. Some ministers aren’t comfortable with themed wedding ceremonies. But if I’m your wedding officiant, I’ll wear a costume and do whatever you want me to do.

During your wedding ceremony, there are only two legal portions that have to be in it: the “I do” and the pronouncement when the minister says where they get their authority from. (Mine is Pennsylvania.) With those two things, you’re married. Everything else in a wedding ceremony is basically tradition.

If there’s stuff in the ceremony you don’t like, we leave it out. If there’s stuff you do, we build on that to take up time for the stuff that you didn’t like.

Anything in the wedding ceremony can be changed to a theme. I’ve done marriage addresses with a Star Wars theme and a Harry Potter theme and even a Star Trek theme. I had a couple that had a Game of Thrones wedding and vows. That was super, super cool.

During the ceremony, you can have themed readings. You could ask your minister to wear a themed pin or hat or whatever. You could write themed vows. So, I’m all for wedding themes!

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