Wedding Couple in Flowers

As you can imagine, I get lots of wedding questions. I mean, you’re only supposed to do this once, right? So no one expects you to be a pro!

However, I am a pro (wedding officiant in Lancaster, PA). After nearly two decades, I know the most common questions couples ask about their wedding ceremony. These are the wedding questions I hear over and over again. I’m always happy to answer them and make sure the engaged couple doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

These wedding questions are taken right from my own experience with Lancaster County couples. Feel free to read the blog post or watch the accompanying video–or both!

Common Wedding Questions

What are the top three wedding venues in Lancaster, PA?

Do we need a witness to get a marriage license in Pennsylvania?

Do we need a Pennsylvania wedding license if we live in another state?

Do our readings need to be Biblical or religious?

What are some non-religious readings we can use in our wedding ceremony?

Do we have to have pre-marital counseling with you?

Do I have to memorize my vows for our wedding ceremony?

Can we have a themed wedding ceremony (i.e. Star WarsGame of Thrones, Halloween, etc.)?

Does the minister stay for the wedding reception?