Wedding Couple in Flowers

Do you have to have biblical readings at your wedding? Or religious? No. But you should follow some guidelines when it comes to what to read at your wedding.

Traditionally, readings in a church wedding are biblical. But if you’re not getting married in a church — or if you’re getting married by an interfaith minister — they’ll tell you that it’s always good to have at least one reading, but no more than three. Why only three? Because after the third reading, although you’ll be looking at each other with love in your eyes, the minister gets to see everybody else rolling their eyes like, oh my God, another reading.

A wedding reading can be anything. It could be lyrics to a song. It could be poetry. It could be an excerpt from your favorite book. I’ve had couples whose bridal party acted out scenes from movies, like The Wedding Singer or When Harry Met Sally. Those are kind of cute!

I always say, the reading is wonderful if it really speaks to your personality. If you want to make your wedding more personal, than the reading should have something to do with you as a couple, in your relationship, or something like that.

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